Frli evolved from the little mammals. In the era of the Dragons, Frli lives under the Dragon's glorious wings and put the Dragons as the god to worship. They worship all of Dragon’s civilization, especially the deep mysterious language of the Dragons. When Dragons opens the Frli's wisdom, Frli created their own language that was based on the understanding of Draconic.Frli language is also a kind of inflected languages. By changing the tone to change grammatical cases. Frli language has five tones, on behalf of the nominative case, accusative case, adjective case, complementive case and genitive case.

When Kagoli conquered Frli people, most of the Frli were slaughtered.Few women and children survived,and were slaved by Kagoli.The traditional frli language was demised almost, only a small part retained in few tribes,dispersed throughout the world.Kagoli did not learn tones of Frli language. They used different suffixes at the tail of word to change cases.Kagoli language is just different from Frli language pronunciation and wording,but grammar is inherited totally,height corresponds both.It can be said Kagoli just destroyed the race of Frli,but they continued the Frli's culture.Kagoli was doomed by last awakening Dragons.The Kagoli people of Frli descent began to find their original history.They had been trying to retrieve the lost Frli culture.They are new Frli.

The new Frli trying to recover Ancient Frli's tones system, but the body structure of the new Frli unlike Ancient Frli people, they just rebuilded the tone of nominative and accusative, the other three cases still by changing tail to change.New Frli language actually is a conscious product of them against the Kargoli.It just want to draw a clear distinction of the new Frli and Kargoli, rather than a whole new language in the true sense. In fact,Ancient Frli language, Kagoli language and new frli language constitute the ancient Frli language branch belong to language family of Draconic.

Before the destruction of the Kagoli, there are a lot of new Frli people escaped from the control of Kagoli. The largest one became the ancestors of the akulpeople. They fled into the jungle, getting used to life in there.In the case of lack of population,These new Frli forced to marriage with human race.In order to facilitate communication between different races, they began to use the noun vocabulary and gestures to communicate.Expression limited, but very intuitive and simple,avoid a lot of trouble.In the seven holymen's help,this new race crossed the Ladder Mountains, came to the new subcontinent,them called alkapilland.The seven holymen has become one of this tribe, and Eyoli descent permanently melt into this new population.The new race Akul people were born on the VLV Planet. You can find the cognates of new frli language,Kagoli language, ancient frli language,Eyoli language in akullanguege. The akullanguage syntax adhesion habits completely different from any race on the land.
Akulpeople deeply the impact of the Gothia.They believed in there are "seven worlds"in the universe.

The usual world called ULU, tree world.Most of the life lives in here.

Earth called VLV, the great mysterious underground world.

Below VLV is ALA, it was the residence of the Lord God A, the center of the universe.

The UlU extends up to 777 big trees heights,that is ELE.The god of Thunder's palace floating in the clouds.

The upside of ELE is OLO,the world of wind.There is very turbulent airflow world.All air and storm blowing from there.The god of wind lives in olo that is Gothia said the "Mánas".

The upside of OLO is RLR,, the rain god sector, the source of all water.The RLR is the residence of the god of rain, Gothia called it ánas. The OLO and RLR are satellites of vlv.The OLO looks bigger than RLR because it more close to vlv.Actually the radius of RLR is smaller than OLO.

On the top of all world is the light of God's world.The light god I lives on the Sun of VLV world.So akulpeople called ILI. The ILI is the most expansive world.100 billion stars are attendants of god I.God I lead them to watch the activities of the mortal.They have been in control of the time and fortune.
Calendar and timing
The day of the akulpeople is divided into six time periods.There are three periods each day and night.They called it e'i'ga.Each e'i'ga is divided into seven hours,they called it zi.Every hour was headed by a God.Earth hour to calculate the VLV.It's rotation circle needs to 35.49 hours.So the akulpeople an hour is equal to 0.845 hours on earth, that is, 50 minutes and 42 seconds.By the way akulpeople has been no concept of the minutes.There are 7 months in akulpeople's calendar and 61 days in each month.The RLR around the VLV takes about 60 days.They are tidally locked.The OLO around VLV needs about 1.4 the VLV days for one circle, approximately equal to 49.6847 earth hour.The ocean on the VLV will be affected by double tidal forces of RLR and OLO.

The beginning of the year is the day of the sun at midday direct overhead.That is the beginning of their summer,it is summer solstice.That is the most abundant season of rain and the sunshine,that is most vigorous season of life.VLV's tropical year is 427.156 days.Every seven years need to add a leap year.This extra day is on the beginning of the year.The new year of that year is the most important festival "The great Sacrifice day",they called it u'h'a'xi.
Religion and festivals
The great Sacrifice day
Akulpeople's new Year is the summer solstice.This season, the monsoon winds to bring a lot of rain from the eastern ocean.The new Year sacrifice is the ancient akultradition.In ancient times, the akulpeople worship life reproductive God A.At that time, A is bloodthirsty cruel God.They must use the young women of their own tribe to living sacrifice for make god A happy.The more significant scale, sacrifice more.This is one of the reasons of the population dying in the ancient times. No one knows when the beginning,maybe after "The year of 100 heroes".Since the rise of Gothia, the akulpeople has been a significant influence on the culture.God A separated with god war.A's image began to the development direction of the gentle, caring and humanity.So new Year sacrifice more and more have festivals, life and entertainment.The Sacrifice object become animals into all valuable items.About precisely this period,they found that the excess part of the tropical year.So akulpeople amended calendar, added the concept of a leap year.This is the origin of The great Sacrifice day.

However, some of the akultribes in somewhere mountains, also hidden retain the human sacrifice. God A still show the original androgynous image in those tribes.

There are 7 days in akulpeople's new year.The first 3 days are sacrifice day.Akulpeople sacrifice to the god A and ancestors.During this period, no person eats, entertainment and crafts.They terminate all activities, and pray to God A.They can drink a little bit water only at night.After the three days is the rest day, all akulpeople stay at home,a small amount of the diet.That is a small amount of food day.By the early morning of the fifth day, the akulpeople begin a grand carnival activities for last 3 days.All of people will be celebrated through the night.Family and friends visit each other, exchange of gifts, eating and drinking.The central of the settlement must have a huge bonfire.Any of the opposite sex, as long as it does not explicitly reject each other, they can knows each other and sexual intercourse without any scruples.They believes that this is a new year, God A gave people freedom of reproductive rights.The intercourse most women and men will be considered to be the best transport and the happiest person in the coming year.

So the akulpeople have some proverbs
jaunayiargaizal aik pa-ya aimik ha.
That means "700 men have sexual intercourse with you."it is the highest recognition for female.

Rlr-l a’I-k a’r
it means "His rainy sperm." That is the highest recognition for male.

In akulculture,if not new Year or festivals, they are also very open about sex.As long as not too deep blood relationship,parties consent to sexual intercourse, there is no shy and taboo.It is about the small population of the ancient times, reproductive worship, encourage intercourse and procreation.There is no raped in akulpeople's values.The heaviest punishment of women is genital suture.for men is castrate.let them die in pain.If someone were hatred by akulpeople,no matter how much he or she beauty,no one would have sexual intercourse with them.So no offspring is great pain and punishment for akulpeople.