The original intention was to improve the world of the novel " Phoenix Gate ". Many years ago, probably in 1997, there was a desire to write a fantasy fiction that was " Phoenix Gate ". Due to many reasons, just opened a head, has not been to continued. 2011, in the procession of the development game " Yakyuken "I thought that set 15 years ago. Contrasted to popular novels and games, the setting of the "Phoenix Gate" still had a lot of flash.Thus, i proceed to improve. Perhaps one day ,it will become a game or a movie, that would be great!
What is the akulcuaapcra's language?
Akulpeople living in lush sub-tropical broad-leaved forests that is northeast corner of the fictional subcontinents alkapilland. Akulpeople worship the original reproductive God, the God of life and death, A. They called themselves Akulcuaapcra, that means the God A’s sons and daughters as tall as trees. Akulpeople favorite image, intuitive, concrete things. The language infrastructure is nouns, they called a'nu, means that created by the God A, and the rest of the words is a'i'nu,means that created by akulpeople. In faith, God A lead six children to rule the entire universe.Seven Gods symbolizes the seven vowel signs in the language.